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The Forge: Lemont Quarries Adventure Park is a unique public / private social enterprise purpose-built to provide engaging recreational activities for adventurers of all ages and abilities.

Situated on 300 acres of historically significant industrial land in Lemont, Illinois, the park's activities are designed around the three pillars of our mission to EXHILARATE, EDUCATE, and ENTERTAIN our guests.

We believe in an unwavering dedication to conservation, thoughtfully curated physical challenges and a passionate community of outdoor enthusiasts.

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From ropes courses, ziplines, and climbing towers, to running, mountain biking, & hiking trails, flatwater paddling, races, and numerous other activities, our park seeks to provide a community-focused, authentic outdoor experience for the entire Chicagoland area.


We Love Challenge

At Lemont Quarries Adventure Park, we know the definition of challenge is highly personal. That’s why we create spaces focused on individualizing each visitor’s adventure and offering diverse platforms that allow them to test and expand boundaries.


The Outdoors Matter

We believe the outdoors is an integral part of the human experience that enriches and enlivens us. At Lemont Quarries Adventure Park, our commitment to protecting the natural landscape is uncompromising, and we are committed to enhancing, preserving, and sharing a naturally beautiful outdoor experience with our visitors for generations to come.

Well-being is a Lifestyle

Well-being is not just a jog around the block or a cup of green tea in the morning. Well-being is a mental and physical journey that fluctuates and changes day-to-day. At Lemont Quarries Adventure Park, we are dedicated to crafting spaces that enable this life-long mental and physical journey.

Adventure Comes in Endless Forms

Adventures are as versatile and individualized as those who pursue them. Adventure, whatever the kind, is imperative for the human spirit to thrive.



Community Fuels Experience

Through competition, companionship, and friendly rivalry community is a fundamental and valuable asset of Lemont Quarries Adventure Park. We are committed to creating a social network of adventurers of all stripes, ages, and abilities.

Conservation Goes Beyond the Land

We are dedicated to preserving history and restoring the natural landscape of the locations at which we build the park.


Engaged Commitment to the Land

We are dedicated to preserving the natural environment of each park we build for generations to come. This promise fuels our operating strategy and is foundational to our mission.


An Innovative and One-of-a-Kind Recreational Experience

With a versatile and eclectic mix of athletic facilities and a stunning natural green space, Lemont Quarries Adventure Park provides endless opportunities to exert oneself, test boundaries, and find escape in a tranquil and captivating outdoor setting.

State-of-the-Art Athletic Facilities

Lemont Quarries Adventure Park will always offer the best and latest in athletic facilities, from rock climbing towers to thoughtfully curated mountain biking tracks and aerial ropes courses.

An Authentic Experience Oriented Around Community

Lemont Quarries Adventure Park strives to be a place that fosters a communal commitment to mental and physical challenge and well-being.