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entertain | ˌen(t)ərˈtān | verb [with object] 

provide (someone) with amusement or enjoyment: a tremendous game that thoroughly entertained the crowd. • receive (someone) as a guest and provide them with food and drink: a private dining room where members could entertain groups of friends.

Adventurers looking to kick back and relax will find a host of unique opportunities at Lemont Quarries. You can experience live music programming, outdoor festivals, seasonal events, healthy food & beverage options, adventure dining, and more all year long.

Details coming soon!


Lemont Quarries features an outdoor concert and events venue with lawn seating capacity for up 1,000 guests.  We'll feature a number of music festivals throughout the year so whether you like rock and roll, country, big band, jazz, or classical, we'll have an event to suit your taste!


Adventure Dining at Lemont Quarries combines multiple outdoor adventure elements enjoyed by guests topped off with a fireside, chef-curated meal. You're gonna love it!


Healthy adventurers get hungry! Lemont Quarries will include numerous healthy food and beverage options available at our grab & go restaurant, The Foundry, or on the trails from one of our Refuel carts. 


Lemont Quarries Adventure Park will offer group classes in yoga, trail running, paddling , and more.​


Multiple formats and a variety of options for all levels and abilities will be available. 


Lemont Quarries Adventure Park will play host to a Forge Film Series that will feature a selection of outdoors-focused films from across the world. Viewers will have a chance to experience the active, outdoor lifestyle from the perspectives of some of the world's most daring adventurers.